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Alexander – one of the largest toys producers in Poland
About us

About us

Who are We?

Alexander has been producing and publishing board and educational games for children for over 40 years. Alexander is a family company with Polish capital. In our offer you will find toys and board games as well as educational, construction and mental, random and dexterity games. The assortment also includes puzzles, windmills and cards. As a company with the needs of its recipients in mind, we are constantly looking for new solutions to offer an attractive form of spending time by children and entire families.

The main market is our home Poland where we are present with our goods in almost every single toy shop, every bookstore, most of the major chain stores, hyper- and supermarkets, up to newsstands, pharmacies discount chains and post offices across the whole country. We regularly export goods to numerous countries in the European Union as well as to several overseas destinations.


Our vision:

The most important value for us is spending time together with family, which builds positive relationships. That’s why Alexander’s goal is to provide smart, developing entertainment that is great for deepening relationships and ensuring everyone has a good time. Educational through play is also important for the company. We make sure that our products are affordable, which is why we apply a balanced pricing policy.


Our strengths:

Current production facility is of 10,000 m2 & storage space of 4,000 m2

Production: 97% in-house + 3% out-sourced. Extremely flexible due to possessing our own printing house, injection moulding machines and metal parts production line which produces the majority of our paper, plastic and metal components. This enables us to have reasonable MOQs with very quick LEAD times

Imports: Focused on collaboration with Polish and European suppliers, only 3-5% importing of raw materials

Standards: All products comply with EU quality and safety conditions


Alexander Toys Environmental initiative:

  • Our steel waste is resold to a certified company dealing with metal recycling.
  • We have the environmental permit required by the EU directive for the powder paint shop, unified with our law in Poland.
  • We recirculate the powder paint for reuse, emitting it to the environment to a minimal extent.
  • Chemical cleaning of the racks for painted elements is contained within a closed environment.
    The resulting waste from varnish and paint is discharged into a closed tank which includes a gravity separator. When the waste tanks are full, a company dealing with the neutralization of paint shop waste removes all waste.
  • The vibro-abrasive machining area works in a closed system, reducing noise and vibration pollution.
  • The waste water we use during the production process is moved to a sewage processing machine, whose task is to separate the solid from the liquid fraction and pump it back into the system to be reused during the machining of the components. The solid fraction is sent to a waste collection company.